will you learn?

We have created a comprehensive 12-month wine-tasting program that covers the basics.

During the first 6 months you will discover the 3 main elements that make a wine:

The grape variety
The climate
The wine-making process

For the following 6 months, we will take you on a journey to not only deepen your understanding of these 3 elements but also to discover specific regions or grape varieties, as well as the influence of the terroir on wines whilst continuing to develop your library of smell and educate your palate.

Of course, there is so much to learn about wine, the journey doesn't end after 12 months! We are developing a program to go into more depth on the complexity of wine as well as a program for experts.

As these impact and apply differently to red and white wine, we will have two boxes (one per colour) to illustrate each point.

You have complete flexibility to do the full program, or just part of it, but we do recommend that you start with Box 1 onwards to get the basics.

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