What is
Sip & Learn

Wine tasting at home

Our concept is very simple: bringing you great wines together with the knowledge to appreciate them best so you learn about what you drink.

Become a wine expert

Every month our wine expert selects 2 bottles of wine to follow our education program together with a booklet.

If you liked our wine: buy some more :)

We prize ourselves to bring you the best value for money from small producers that you won't find in your local shop. You liked it, great - order some more and start building your cellar.


Does it work

Follow the program

We have created a 12-month program that will take you on a journey to discover the basics about wine. Each month the content will be divided in 2 section:

Learn the basics

That can be applied to all sort of wines. For example, how to taste wine, which glasses to chose or where aromas come from in wine.

Learn while sipping

The 2 bottles in each box have been carefully selected to help you discover critical things about wine, through wine tasting: develop your palate and learn about the main characteristics of wine.


What are
The subscription options

There are several ways to enjoy Sip and Learn:

- Buy a non-binding subscription, every month it auto-renews unless you instruct us otherwise. You can suspend or stop it at any time (if you want to receive it only for one month, no problem: cancel your subscription before it renews.)

- Buy 3, 6 or 12 months upfront. With this option you will still receive one box a month for the duration you have selected.

- Sip & Learn also makes a great gift (go to our gift page to discover the different options).

We are a UK based business, so all of our wine is already stocked in the UK, this allows us to offer a 2/3 days delivery time.