The Sip & Learn story

  • Introducing Sip & Learn!

    We are so excited to be launching Sip & Learn today!
    This is just the beginning but it is a key step in a journey that started several months ago.
    We love wine and we’ve always wanted to learn more about what we drink to make the most of it.

    However, it’s always been a huge frustration that I couldn't tell what was in my glass or when I tried to learn that what was in my glass never matched what I could read in books or on blogs.

    This is the reason why we decided to create Sip & Learn: to bring you great wines and at the same time help you to learn all you need to know about those wines so you can appreciate them the most.

    Sip & Learn - The Wine Tasting box pack shot

    But it’s not only about the 2 bottles in the box, we have created a programme to teach the basics about wine so you will discover how to taste wine, how wine is made, the main wine regions of the world and the most important understand what wines you like and why. The idea is that month after month you will discover general knowledge about wine and specific grape varieties which will help you to select wines in shops or in restaurants that you will really enjoy.

    Our wine expert Sylvain has visited hundreds of vineyards over the past few years; and tasted several thousands of bottles of wine to bring you his top picks. But it would be too good to be true for him if it was only about tasting wine; he also worked hard to write great educational content.

    As you’ll see, it’s at the same time easy to read and to understand and you’ll learn so much that you’ll be impatient to receive your next box!

    There has been setbacks along the way - who said it was easy to create a company in the UK? Well, certainly not if you want to sell wine! - but we are so proud that what was a nice idea 6 months ago has turned into such a nice and exciting product.

    We’d like to thank our designer Delphine for her amazing work on the website and the booklet, as well as our web-developer Alvin, and all those who supported us along our journey to launch Sip & Learn.

    On this blog, we will share additional wine education content, food and wine pairing, and much more.

    We would love to hear from you, please write on our Facebook page or send us a tweet @sipandlearnuk !

    The Sip & Learn team

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