After years of bombarding my friend Sylvain with wine-related questions - from which wine should I buy at my local shop (including sending pictures of the wine shelf), to which wine should I drink with this meal and which wine should I bring to my friends’ diner party or to my dad’s birthday etc… - we thought that I was probably not the only one with all those questions… (I hope we were right!).

We started thinking about how we could help people like me to discover and understand how wine works without them getting bored or feeling shy at a wine tasting class. After a few months of thinking, Sip & Learn’s concept was born. Luckily we didn’t know how complicated it is to sell wine in the UK or we might have felt discouraged but here we are a few months later, proud as ever and hopeful that you will like our products as much as we do!



Our goal is simple: teach you about wine without boring you about it.

The best way we have found to achieve our goal is to combine the learning part with the sipping part: you learn about what you drink. Sip & Learn is bringing the wine tasting experience to home.

Every month, we select our wine so that it’s emblematic of the theme of the box.

Our wine expert, Sylvain, has tasted thousands of wines so we can assure you that you will always get some of the best to be found in the price range.

Our commitment is that after following our beginner’s programme for the whole year, you will learn and understand the basics of wine whilst developing your palate and getting a good understanding of what you do and don’t like so that you can then enjoy wine even more.


Who is behind
Sip & Learn


I have been living in London for 8 years and was previously working in online marketing.

I love wine but tend to panic when asked to taste or choose it - this is when I call Sylvain and start sending him pictures of wine lists or wine shelves to get his help!

I have been wanting to learn about wine but ‘oenology classes’ sound too scary and pompous for me so we started thinking about a fun way of learning about wine and decided to create Sip and Learn together.

Preparing to launch Sip & Learn gave me a good opportunity to learn about wine, I have trialled the programme for you and am definitely much more knowledgable and confident now! Sylvain can finally enjoy his evenings without random texts about what I should drink!

I will try to make your experience with Sip & Learn as fun as it can be!


Sylvain is our wine expert. He is lucky enough to be living in the sunny South of France but regularly travels to London. To date, I am not sure if it’s for the British Museum or to restock on Sherry!

After spending a few months working in finance, Sylvain realised it wasn’t for him. Passionate about wine, he started travelling around France, tasting wines and discovering small vineyards. He has tasted thousands of wine over the years and has definitely reached the 2000 mark in 2014.

Sylvain started thinking about opening his wine shop in south of France and eventually decided to study to hopefully become a Master of wines 1 .

Sylvain’s knowledge of wine will provide you all you need to learn, whilst his knowledge of vineyards will allow him to choose the best quality wines from small producers which you won’t find in mainstream stores.

1 Sylvain is currently studying for the WSET® Level 4 Diploma in Wines and Spirits which is viewed as the stepping-stone to the Master of Wine qualification.